Hillary Clinton's special plan for you includes a hefty Carbon Tax

Negative externalities, that is how Hillary Clinton and fellow travelers refer to your life as it currently exists. While they fly around the world in fuel guzzling private jets that cost $5,000+ an hour to operate, live in mansions ten to twenty times the size of an average American's home and take multiple vacations to exotic parts of the globe, they are here to tell you that your life has "negative externalities". Negative externalities is their euphemism for demonizing your choice to drive a comfortable automobile, live in a comfortable home and enjoy whatever rare rewards of your hard work that you can afford.

In the name of "saving the planet" Hillary Clinton and her enablers want to turn your life upside down by imposing a huge carbon tax on all fossil fuels and all products made with or transported by fossil fuels. Their goal is to discourage the use of fossil fuels and encourage the use of so-called renewable energy sources, which are much more expensive than fossil fuels. As a result, the prices of everything will increase substantially.

The consequences of Hillary's Carbon Tax plan include:

  • Much higher prices for gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Much higher prices for electricity made from coal or natural gas
  • Much higher prices for heating oil.
  • Loss of jobs in the oil, gas and coal industry
  • Higher prices for food, clothing, furniture and other goods due to increased transportation costs
  • Much smaller homes that are cheaper to heat and cool
  • No more suburban homes located far away from cities to conserve fuel in commuting
  • Much smaller cars and elimination of cars as we know them.

Hillary Clinton and her pro carbon tax friends plan a carbon tax so high that you will choose a much smaller automobile and a much smaller home located close to the cities in crowded neighborhoods all in the name of energy efficiency. They call these much higher prices "price cues" to support energy efficiency.

Hillary Clinton knows that you don't want a carbon tax, so she is being careful not to talk about it before the election. But she and Democratic party leaders have acknowledged that they intend to impose a carbon tax. These articles show that if Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are in power, there will be a carbon tax.

Hillary walks fine line on carbon tax

Clinton campaign say carbon tax not out of question

Hillary is open to carbon tax

Hillary would accept carbon tax


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