The future of America is being threatened by anti-freedom globalist politicians supported by elitist billionaires

Here's what they plan for you:

Higher taxes

New taxes

More government regulation and intrusion into your private life

Redistricting your voting district to increase "diversity"

A constitutional amendment to overturn Supreme Court decisions that upheld your First Amendment right to speak out in elections

Increased immigration and total amnesty, including voting rights for 11 million illegal immigrants

More global trade deals

Nominate more liberal Supreme Court justices who will back unconstitutional actions by the president, "reinterpret" the Constitution to fit current liberal theory and create new laws by legislating from ther bench

"Re-interpretation" of the Second Amendment to apply only to the national guard, not individual citizens

Banning semi-automatic firearms and ammunition magazines

Allowing lawsuits against firearms manufacturers and dealers for the illegal acts perpetrated by criminals. (This is equivalent to allowing lawsuits against an auto maker or car dealer for drive by shootings or vehicular homicide)

Banning self defense. Hillary Clinton has stated that she believes that the Supreme Court was wrong to decide that the Second Amendment acknowledges the right of citizens to keep and bear arms for self defense.

Ending mass incarceration. Releasing drug dealers, thieves, burglars and other "nonviolent" criminals from prison and restoring their right to vote.

Fewer jobs due to increased immigration

Lower wages due to competition from immigrants

More rigged stock market deals with Joe Biden's Wall Street donors

Loss of value of your retirement investment portfolio due to increased taxes on stock market transactions

A substantial carbon tax, a penalty tax on the use of fossil fuels, to encourage you to use more expensive, "clean", "renewable" energy

Using the Justice Department to prosecute those who express scepticism of man made global warming


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