Hillary Clinton is concealing severe neurological problems from the American people

We've seen and heard a lot in the news about Hillary Clinton's health issues recently. We've learned about numerous medical episodes involving blood clots in the legs, a blood clot near the base of the brain, falls resulting in a broken wrist and a concussion, visual problems related to concussion, long coughing spells, difficulty climbing stairs, collapsing, odd head jerking, exaggerated expressions, inappropriate laughing and a very strange "brain freeze" that she had to be talked out of.

Hillary Clinton would have us believe that these episodes are the result of seasonal allergies, hypothyroidism, a blood clotting disorder, dehydration or the flu. However, a careful look at Hillary's many medical episodes clearly shows that there is a much more serious neurological condition underlying the medical events that she has experienced.

Some of the more obvious indications of neurological disease are shown in the videos linked below. These events include:

  • In the video below Hillary reacts with repeated, violent head jerking when she is startled by reporters asking her multiple questions at once. She tries to laugh it off, but try repeating these head jerks yourself and see how uncomfortable and perhaps painful it is. Nobody would do this for fun or effect. This violent head jerking appears to be a type of involuntary reaction to being startled and confused. This seizure-like response is consistent with neurological disease, such as Parkinson's disease or a form of dementia or a side effect of treatment for such disease.


  • In the next video, Hillary reacts by freezing when she is startled by animal rights protesters in the crowd at a rally. Hillary freezes with a blank expression and a Secret Service agent immediately goes to her, hugs her and pats her on the back and says: "keep talking, we'll handle it, we're not going anywhere". Hillary responds by saying "OK here we are" and then loudly laughs. The Secret Service agents says to Hillary: "Keep talking". Hillary responds by telling the crowd: "We'll keep talking..." Then she comes out of the trance and makes a strange statement about Trump and his sons killing animals. This freezing, coupled with the Secret Service agent's actions, indicate that this kind of episode has happened before and they knew how to handle it.


  • Also of concern is her odd, even rude, inappropriate laughter. In the video below, Hillary bursts out laughing for no reason while being questioned during the Bengazi hearings. It is bad enough that she acts that way to a U.S. congresswoman, imagine her reacting that way to a foreign head of state.


  • In the next video we see Hillary collapsing as she leaves the 911 memorial ceremony. Notice how her body is rigid and her legs just fall out from under her. She appears to be in a seizure, where she her muscles are rigid. Hillary claims that she collapsed from dehydration and pneumonia, but that woudn't make her body rigid. Notice how her head is erect and stiff instead of flopping over if she lost conscoiusness. Also, note that her staff did not take her to the emergency room, where there would have been a medical record made of her condition. Instead, they took her to her daughter Chelsea's apartment.


  • Hillary Clinton's doctor has provided a brief written report, claiming that Hillary is healthy, however, it is important to understand that the doctor is under no legal obligation to report to the public an accurate assessment of Hillary's health. In fact, Hillary's physician is actually prohibited by law (HIPAA) from disclosing anything that Hillary Clinton herself does not expressly authorize her to disclose.

    So, we have to understand that Hillary Clinton's physician can only tell us what Hillary herself authorizes her doctor to report. In essence, Hillary's doctor's report tells us only what Hillary wants us to hear.

    The video below is another doctor's perspective on Hillary's health.


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